Brewers in Odense?

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Brewers in Odense?

Indlægaf El3ctro » 27. feb 2019, 10:59

Hi everybody,
pardon the english but I'm not a danish speaker.
I'm Federico, 31 Italian. I started brewing 5-6 years ago back home, and now I'm keeping the good habits also here.
So far in DK I was able to brew only E+G because of the little room I had in my apartment in Copenhagen. Now I have a basement room pretty much dedicated to Beer, cheese and cured meat it's time to bring it back to another level even though
However I'll keep brewing E+G, I personally believe it's possible to obtain decent beer with a good control of the process. All grain is not always superior, tested with some friends the same receipe: Only 2 out 6 could notice a difference but they tought it was a different fermenting temperature. OFC this applies only to few styles, I would never brew a Pils in E+G.

Are there any fellow brewer in the city? I'd love to share some ideas and drink beer some with you.

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Re: Brewers in Odense?

Indlægaf Jens H » 27. feb 2019, 20:57

You could start off by having a look at Odense Håndbryggerlaug, which is a brewers guild located in Odense. I am not a member myself, but according to their web page they meet up once every month. Meetings probably aren’t in english, but I’m sure you’ll find some very enthusiastic brewers there.


Next meeting is March 14th at 7 pm located at Bredbjergvej 37, Odense M in case you can’t read their web page ;-)
Jens H
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